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Topic 8: Cultural Services

Several contributors have indicated an interest in looking at the issues surrounding Cultural Ecosystem Services. This this NEW topic area has been added to provide a forum for discussion. the main issues at this stage seem to relate to the completeness of the classification, and their relationship of Cultural Services to other … Read more…

Issue 7: General Comments

Although it is important for us to get feedback on the specific changes that have been made in Version 4 of CICES, we also welcome any comments about the general structure of the classification or any other issues that you feel need to be taken into account. Please use the comments box … Read more…

Issue 5: Energy

In the ‘energy’ Issue group, abiotic renewables have been removed and ‘renewable biofuels’ renamed ‘biomass based energy’ to reflect wider use of biomass for energy (i.e. heat, power, fuels). Question: sources Do you support this revision or have 4: any suggestions for further improvement?

Issue 4: Biotic materials

In the ‘biotic The materials’ Issue group, it has also been proposed to remove  ornamental resources and include cosmetic 1: resources. Ornamental resources have been retained and cosmetic resources combined with medicinal. Question: Do you support this revision or have any suggestions for further improvement?

Issue 3: Water

Water has been given its own division within Issue provisioning services as it does not sit comfortably within either nutrition or materials and to reflect the water account component of ecosystem accounts. Three groups have Issue been added along with on new classes. Water supply also includes marine waters. Cooling … Read more…